Acme Dry Ice has been the number one dry ice supplier serving Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut for 25 years!  Our dry ice comes fresh from Massachusetts and delivered to our valued customers within 12 hours.  Biotech Startups and Biomedical Research Labs have been coming to us for their dry ice needs because of service and reputation as being the best in the business.  Contact us today and let us help you with your next dry ice needs.

Freshest Dry Ice Made in Massachusetts • Our Dry Ice is delivered in double insulated boxes allowing our dry ice to stay fresh. We can then put the dry ice where you would like it. No big blue bins to take up half a room making it difficult to move around because of lack of space.

Our High-Quality, Long Lasting Dry Ice Products

Acme Dry Ice provides the highest quality dry ice products in the industry and delivers it fresh to customers across Massachusetts and New England to the pharmaceutical, life sciences, medical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. On a consistent basis our clients are receiving the freshest and most reliable product on the market.  Our clients are loyal clients because they know they will receive the best dry ice product available and also get it in a timely fashion.
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Why Buy Dry Ice from Acme Dry Ice?

All of our dry ice comes directly from our factory to our distribution center then gets delivered to you. And because of our factory we never run short of dry ice and in some instances our competitors come calling us for their dry ice needs.  

  • We offer delivery options to help fit our customer’s needs
  • Our experience and expertise helps us navigate any challenging situation to make sure you get your dry ice in a timely manner.
  • Our delivery trucks are protected from the elements due to the fact they are all enclosed.

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Dry Ice Pellets

Get more information on our top selling dry ice pellets.

Dry Ice Blocks and Rice Pellets

We provide dry ice products such as: Pellets, Rice Pellets (Dry Ice Blasting), Micro Pellets, 1/4 inch , Special Cut Blocks, Slices, Nuggets and High Density Dry Ice .  We supply dry ice products to the Boston and Cambridge area with 24 hour service.  Contact Us today .

Special Effects Using Dry Ice

Impress your friends and family by having the best special effects using dry ice especially during Halloween. Watch this video to learn how easy it is to do.
Marc Savenor

Our Dry Ice Delivery Company is the leading provider of dry ice and other ice products in the Massachusetts area and has been for over 40 years ! Our dry ice products are manufactured here in Massachusetts and is delivered fresh to area businesses including hospitals, biotech laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, bars and restaurants . We are a service-based business–that means we strive to give you the best service every time. Check out the rest of our website for more information .  Dry Ice Delivery is our focus and our goal is to leave your building with you as a happy customer.

We provide dry ice products such as: Pellets, Rice Pellets (Dry Ice Blasting), Micro Pellets, 1/4 inch , Special Cut Blocks, Slices, Nuggets and High DensityDry Ice . We offer delivery services to all the New England States as well as some of our great cities here in Massachusetts including Worcester, Brockton, New Bedford, Marlborough, Newton, Needham, Framingham and more.  We also can help you in Providence RI, Hartford CT and Portsmouth, NH – just to name a few.